Rose Traub

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Assisted Living Made Simple, LLC

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Rose Traub, owner of Assisted Living Made Simple, a senior placement service, loves the fact that she gets to help people every single day. "It can be sad at times, but we always find a solution for our clients," she said. "That part of the business is very rewarding."

Before co-founding Assisted Living Made Simple in 2014, Traub worked for Halifax Hospice for nine years. She started as Funds Development Director and eventually served as Community Liaison. In 2012, Traub, utilizing her experience and wisdom gained from working in the business, wrote a book called Elder Care Simplified. As the title suggests, the book simplifies the barrage of questions, concerns and anxiety many face when searching for elder care for a loved one or friend. When Halifax deemed the book a conflict of interest, Traub took her skills and compassion to Nurse on Call, a home healthcare agency, where she continued to work as a Community Liaison.

Traub explained her decision to ultimately start her own business. "In 2013 it became legal to charge a placement commission to Assisted Living Facilities," she said. "I had been doing placement the whole time with Hospice and even at Nurse on Call. I thought to myself, 'why not do it now and get paid for it'. From that point forward, everything fell right into place. The tenants of the building I owned moved out, providing an ideal space for the business. I had friends provide services such as carpet and paint at cost, when they found out what I was doing."

It didn't take Traub long to get the business up and running. It also didn't take Traub long to grow it. When Assisted Living Made Simple first opened its doors, Traub's partner, who she later bought out, did the placements and facility tours while Traub helped with marketing and the books. They grew the business organically and through a set of unique services that set them apart from the competition. "We tour every client," she sad. "We don't just send them a list of names. We do an assessment of each client and work with their families to fully understand their needs. We take our clients to places where we feel are appropriate and allow them to make the best decision for themselves. We'll even refer them to home health or hospice if needed. For us, it's not just about placement, it's about doing the right thing."

Doing the right thing has always been a cornerstone in the foundation of Rose Traub's success. She works closely with other placement services in town and maintains close communication with the owners. She'll share feedback from clients that may have had an unsatisfactory experience with one of those competitors. She even has a large collection of donated Durable Medical Equipment that she provides, at no cost, to needy families. Looking ahead, Traub is considering bringing her brand of trustworthy, professional and insightful placement services north to the St. Augustine area.

Traub offers up some great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. "Position yourself for success," she said. "If possible, keep your full time job to have income coming in while you get your business up and running. If it's something you love and are passionate about, it's absolutely going to be successful. Utilize resources like SCORE, different entrepreneur services, advisers and people to bounce ideas off of. Don't be afraid to ask for help. A friend once told me, 'If you step out on your own, you're not going to die'. Everything is part of our journey. If you love something, just do it and always do the right thing."


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