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Rosie Paulsen, founder of Rosie Paulsen Enterprises, has come a long way since her youth, both in terms of mindset and geography. Born in Ecuador to school teacher parents who were skeptical of any job that didn't provide a steady wage, Paulsen now resides in Dade City, Florida and owns two businesses.

First, Paulsen founded Good Faith Insurance Services, an insurance brokerage that assists retirees with their Medicare choices and benefits. After growing the brokerage to the point that she could sell part of it, she launched Rosie Paulsen Enterprises, a company that teaches sales professionals to make more money by closing more sales. "I took seven years of insurance sales experience plus 26 years of customer service experience and put them together to create a system that teaches people how to build relationships that turn into sales," she said. "In sales, I've tried things that did not work and I've tried things that were successful. I built my system of best practices over the years and am now excited to teach others those lessons."

Paulsen is a natural connector, something she credits with opening doors for her entrepreneurial growth. "I am an offsite client of Pasco County's SMARTstart Business Incubator, involved with the Hispanic Professional Women's Organization and have benefited from the Hispanic Business Initiative Fund's scholarship program, Pasco County's Economic Development Council's microloan program and working with both SCORE and the SBDC," she said. "The HBIF awarded me four scholarships of $2,500 each so I could pay for incorporation, a business plan, a website and marketing collateral. That was a great help and did a lot for me because when I started my first company, I had to do all those things myself with my own money. Because of the HBIF's assistance, I feel like I am getting started on the right foot with my business plan already in place."

Her advice for entrepreneurs starting out today is to first find a lawyer, accountant and insurance agent you trust. "From there, don't think about money. Think about what your passion is," she said. "Because your passion is what will drive you when the money doesn't come right away."


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