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SiteREADY was founded in 2012 to bridge the gap between Corporate Real Estate and Technology groups.

Co-founders Ryan Clarke and Dylan McCrory recognized an opportunity to fill a void in the traditional process for workplace build-outs by focusing on the way technology is designed and integrated during the project. The need proved vast, and SiteREADY has since grown to become an award-winning professional services firm partnering with Fortune 1000 clients to streamline the implementation of technology into the workplace across their North American office portfolios.

SiteREADY keeps build-outs on schedule and within budget by leveraging its proprietary Solutions Delivery Model, an end-to-end process encompassing technology consulting, program development, design, construction, implementation, and support. The firm’s clients include a Big Four accounting firm, an iconic food and beverage brand, and one of the top global staffing companies in the country, among many others.

“We work closely with every client and their project team—including the architect, general contractor, and IT leadership—to develop product-agnostic technology solutions and project plans for the organization’s workplace needs,” McCrory said. “As workplace technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, our position has shifted from challenging the routine for technology implementation, to establishing the new norm. We serve as the Single Point of Contact for all technology scopes during build-outs.”

Not only is it important for an organization to have a clearly defined workplace technology program from a functional standpoint, it can also impact productivity, recruiting, employee engagement and virtually every aspect of business both internally and externally.

Keeping a Competitive Edge

SiteREADY is operating in a highly specific, niche market—which McCrory explained can be challenging at times, but has its advantages.

“We have to educate folks on not just what we do, but why it’s important,” McCrory said. “When people ask who our competition is, I tell them it’s usually our clients’ existing processes that are so deeply ingrained.”

Even so, SiteREADY is seeing an uptick in organizations actively seeking workplace technology consulting.

“Any time you’re an early entrant into an emerging market, you have the opportunity to be an industry leader,” McCrory said. “I think we’ve done a good job of branding the business and putting ourselves out there as the ‘go-to’ group in the workplace technology space.”

SiteREADY is also able to leverage being headquartered in Tampa, compared to other similar companies that are located in larger markets across the country.

“National professional services firms like ours are typically centered in places like New York, Chicago, and other higher-end markets where the cost of doing business is steep, “ he said. “Those companies have to charge more to cover those costs. Being based in Tampa, we can pass some of the cost savings back to our customers in the form of lower labor rates.”

Looking Toward the Future

Both hailing from Tampa, Clarke and McCrory are committed to SiteREADY’s future in the Sunshine State; but make no mistake, the company is expanding into other markets.

“Having our second office in Atlanta, where several of our clients are headquartered, and being able to go see them on a day to day or weekly basis, is so important,” McCrory said. “As we continue to grow the business, you can expect to see SiteREADY satellite offices in other strategic locations.”

What it Means to be an Honoree

For both McCrory and Clarke, being a Florida Companies to Watch Honoree gave them reassurance that the hard work and long hours they’ve put in over the years were worth it.

“Back in 2012, we were trying to prove a concept and pitch a new model—which we succeeded in doing,” McCrory said. “Now, the focus is on our evolution and growth. We’ve taken many risks and learned many lessons along the way. This recognition reaffirms that we’re on a great trajectory.”

For SiteREADY’s employees, McCrory said the award is all the more encouraging.

“When we talk about our growth and accomplishments internally, it’s one thing,” he said “When somebody else is saying it, you can see the confidence and pride grow. Our team is excited about our future.”

Advice for Entrepreneurs

When it came to what he would tell aspiring entrepreneurs, McCrory emphasized work ethic.

“You have to be 110% committed to what you’re doing.” he said. “Mentally, physically, emotionally and financially, that level of commitment is the only way you’re going to be able to do the things that need to be done to make an entrepreneurial venture successful.”

Along the way, he advises to tap into the relationships you’ve established. “Leverage your network; you need great people around you who believe in your vision and complement your skillset,” he said.

Notable Philanthropic Involvement

Over the last seven years, SiteREADY has continually given back to the Tampa community in various ways.

Internally, each employee receives a paid day off semiannually to give them the opportunity to volunteer their time with a local charity. At SiteREADY’s holiday party, a live and silent auction is held to benefit charities of their choice. Last year, they were able to raise over $3,000 dollars for Joshua House Foundation and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Furthermore, SiteREADY is heavily involved with the Valspar Championship golf tournament, Habitat for Humanity, Make A Wish Foundation and Feeding Tampa Bay.


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