Sanjay Daswani

Miami, Florida

Avenue Planet
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Sanjay Daswani, co-founder of Avenue Planet, has always had an interest in taking the entrepreneurial leap into a venture with the potential to make a big impact. He has certainly put himself and his company in a position to do just that with a virtual reality experience hub that boasts the world's first virtual reality payment portal.

"Avenue Planet is fundamentally the ultimate content hub for virtual reality focused on experience and brand engagement," Daswani said. "Users can access the app and discover the best VR content like never before. What we've done is use the immersive environment of the virtual reality platform to enable what people do in brick and mortar environments. Most people's online behavior tends to be premeditated whereas when they are walking down a street, they can discover and browse and be attracted to different experiences and products and act on impulse. We bring that capability from a brand and user engagement perspective into the digital world using virtual reality."

Avenue Planet occupies a distinct industry position that is bound to please both virtual reality content developers and device makers. "Most people in the virtual reality space focus on content or on gaming," he explained. "We see an opportunity to bring non-gaming content onto the virtual reality platform through a single hub where discoverability is its core. Many in the virtual reality space see this as a complimentary asset because now, developers have no place to put their content and their immersive experiences and there's no monetization so we offer people who develop virtual reality experiences the opportunity to monetize their content."

Daswani's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is focus, validate and connect to good people. "The most important thing is focus," he said. "You can have a great idea yet quickly move away to different areas and lose focus. The second thing is I see a lot of great ideas not driven by user requirement but driven by technology. Get validation that you are addressing a problem in the market. Make sure you're going down the right path. Lastly, surround yourself with good people who can help you move forward. Too often entrepreneurs keep things to themselves because they don't want to release any information. However, there are many people in the ecosystem who can help you. They will help you accelerate the process and gain validation quicker."


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