Sanjay Gopal

Indialantic, Florida

Sanvis Health
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Sanjay Gopal, founder of Sanvis Health, combines an engineer's mind with an entrepreneur's problem solving drive. As a result, he was able to recognize and successfully address a market opportunity with a compelling differentiator.

"My background has been in healthcare all my life," he said. "I worked in large companies connecting technology to healthcare. I like solving problems that for some engineers may seem too trivial technically, but I see the impact on the individual. I was heavily influenced being in Florida seeing my physician wife treating elderly dementia patients. I started investigating the assisted living facilities setting, and saw an opportunity to make an impact using technology to address the many challenges of managing an ALF with staff that is highly transient in addition to a resident population characterized by declining health."

Sanvis Health helps caregivers at ALFs provide higher levels of personalized care for residents while enabling information to reach the right person at the right time so the whole caregiving team is on the same page at all times.

"Our primary differentiator is that there is no other company that has designed a platform from the ground up for ALFs," Gopal explained. "They all come from the acute care environment which makes them not suitable for ALFs. We designed it specifically for ALFs and their unique characteristics like the robust social interaction programs that acute care facilities don't focus on. Also, we are fundamentally designed for smartphones while no other competitor is designed for smartphones."

Gopal's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to follow your interests as early on in your career as you can. "You need to be passionate," he said. "It should be a problem which interests you. It's better to start earlier in your life. You have more energy when you're younger. You can take higher risks when you're younger. If you fail, you fail fast. If it's not working, try again. Iterate. Don't strive for perfection because the market keeps moving."


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