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Ponte Vedra, Florida

Trasca & Co
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Sara Frasca:

Sara Frasca wants everyone to know about her family's secret. Since 1974 when her Grandma Everetta Frasca invented her own Italian style panino, the Frasca family has been making and selling unique, authentic panino sandwiches using Grandma Frasca's secret dough recipe. Sara grew up in the family restaurant but didn't stay. She honed her business skills at General Mills. However, the lure of launching her own panino style eatery never waned and she spent 12 patient years planning and researching her opportunity to do so.

With her business partner, they saved money, visited restaurants, and created a vision of what their own would be like. With the help of an SBA loan, they launched Trasca & Co Eatery in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL in April 2015. They were profitable in six months and in July, 2016 are up 50% year over year. With 43 full and part-time employees serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, their success is clearly founded on more than Grandma Frasca's secret dough recipe.

Sara and her business partner attribute some of their success to the series of business books written by the owners of Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor, MI and recommend all entrepreneurs read them, especially those in the food and beverage industry. The Zingerman's guides helped Trasca's founders do vision work and create a mission statement that guides the business from the owners to the wait staff.

As a result, Trasca & Co Eatery announced on August 1 that its wait staff won the Void Magazine "Best Wait Staff in Jacksonville" award and Sara Frasca won its "Best Female Entrepreneur in Jacksonville" for 2016. To other entrepreneurs, Sara recommends patience. "For example, we spent 3 years looking for the perfect space for us and an entire year negotiating the lease because we wanted to get it right the first time," she said.


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