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Satish Movva, founder of CarePredict, is an accomplished serial-entrepreneur who was inspired to launch this most recent venture after having to rush his father to the emergency room.

"This came about because I had a particular problem with my parents who live 10 minutes away," he said. "I visit them once a week and would find something different. Once I saw my father shuffling because he had so much fluid in his ankles. That condition will put someone in their 80s in cardiac arrest within 24 hours. I asked my mother why she hadn't told me because he needed to go to the ER. That's when I figured out that because he had put on all that fluid in 48 hours, my mom never noticed that he had changed his gait. I realized there's a better way to keep both of them safe instead of relying on one to watch the other."

CarePredict's mission is to empower better senior care. One way the company does so is by reducing our over-reliance on in-person observation through its patented wearable smart device.

"We rely a lot on our own eyes because some conditions are more obvious to the eye than when capturing heart rate, blood pressure and other metrics because many declines show up as changes in personal appearance and behaviors that could previously only be observed in person," Movva explained. "We created a device that can take your place in observing behavior and activity patterns. For example, to tell if someone is suffering from depression, you observe them to see they haven't brushed their teeth, their hair or dressed, etc. Those factors can't be measured clinically and our device observes all of those dimensions and provides cues that allow a caregiver to identify depression, malnutrition, urinary tract infections, early symptoms of cognitive impairment or other conditions."

The CarePredict wearable is much more than a standard activity tracker. "We actually track what the dominant arm is doing - is it lifting a fork to the mouth, brushing teeth or taking a sip of a drink," Movva said. "We also track activities like sitting, standing, sleeping, or walking without having a person stand by you 24/7 so you can call your parent if the device observes that they don't eat that day."

Movva's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to get plugged into the entrepreneurial ecosystem and focus on solving a problem first. "Look for a problem to solve. Many entrepreneurs come up with a solution first and then look for the problem," he said. "You also need to be plugged into the entrepreneur ecosystem wherever you are. Being an entrepreneur is an extremely lonely journey fighting against all odds to get your dreams to fruition. Sometimes it feels so lonely so it's good to meet with other entrepreneurs because we're all in the same boat. That shared experience helps alleviate some of the stress you may have doing it alone."


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