Scott DeBerry

Chiefland, Florida

DeBerry Marketing
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Scott DeBerry, founder of DeBerry Marketing, prides himself on operating a full-service marketing firm. "We offer a true marketing focus," he said. "Many of our competitors do one or two of the things I do whereas I offer a more comprehensive approach, including looking at data and empirical topics instead of focusing on just whether the website looks good or not. In addition, I offer significant training to clients to teach them how to use their website and social media."

DeBerry got his start following the Great Recession. He worked for a family owned manufacturer at the time the downturn necessitated layoffs. The company went from 40 employees down to a handful and I wasn't a family member," DeBerry said. "I tinkered around and helped a small business with their marketing, when my wife suggested I repeat that process for additional clients. There was strong demand right out of the gate for web design and social media marketing."

The firm has grown steadily and now DeBerry is faced with growth management decisions such as when to hire. "It is something I think about every day,' he said. "In addition to assisting more clients, I would like to give back to the community by assisting some charities. I could do more in the community if I had help but without additional staff, the opportunity cost is too high to work with too many charities."

DeBerry's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to be true to yourself. "Don't try follow the herd," he said. "Focus on what you enjoy and what you believe is correct. Focus on what's really going to give your clients value and where that intersects with what you enjoy."


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