Scott Finney

Vero Beach, Florida

Scott Finney Photography

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Scott Finney:

Ever since he was young, Scott Finney, owner and founder of Scott Finney Photography, carried a camera everywhere he went. Growing up, he developed a love and passion for art and photography. In high school, he took a photography course and learned how to develop film in a dark room, but for the most part, Finney is a self-taught photographer. Finney shared the story behind his journey from building houses in Tennessee to building a reputable business around his true love of photography.

"I was born in Indiana, but moved to Florida with my family when I was just a kid," he said. "We lived in Ft. Myers and then eventually Okeechobee. To be closer to my grandparents, who lived in Indiana, we left Florida and moved to Tennessee. After high school and before I really got into photography, I was a handyman of sorts. I did construction and even built a few houses, including my own. In 1995, I decided it was time to turn my photography hobby into an actual business."

Finney's early challenges and how he overcame those challenges, has contributed to what makes his style of photography unique.

"When I first started the business, the biggest challenge was lighting," he said. "You couldn't just rely on making edits after the fact. Before you started shooting, the lighting had to be perfect. You really had to know what you were doing. These days, digital photography makes everything a lot easier. However, starting photography when I did really forced me to understand what all goes into producing a good photo."

Scott Finney Photography is not limited to one style of photography. They do everything from nature, portraits, business, commercial, news, model & glamour, weddings, food photos, parties and more. In 2013, Finney and his family relocated to Vero Beach. They were in search of warmer weather and an east-coast Florida town where they felt at home. As Finney shared, moving his business to a new state was tough, but with quality work and a focus on getting plugged into the local community, he's carved out a solid niche and continues to grow the business.

"Moving the business to Florida was definitely tough," he said. "I've noticed that people aren't willing to spend as much money on pictures down here. Nevertheless, through word-of-mouth marketing, Google, my website, some advertising in local magazines and by joining the Vero Beach Chamber of Commerce, I've made a name for myself and have grown the business. The important part is that I truly love what I do. Photography is a passion of mine and it's a challenge I enjoy. No two pictures are the same. My prices are affordable and I'm willing to do some of the smaller jobs that other photographers wouldn't consider."

Looking ahead, Finney has plans to open a New York style photo studio. He wants a place to display his work and conduct photo shoots. He's also thinking about offering classes to teach people to become better photographers.

Finney offers up some great advice for those new to photography and for those thinking about turning a passion or a dream into a business. "When it comes to photography, patience is key," he said. "Don't be in too big of a hurry. You need patience and great equipment to get the right shot. In terms of starting a business, it's important to really think it through and plan accordingly. It can be scary to quit your job and go from a steady paycheck to not knowing if you'll have money coming in. Whatever you do, do your research, make sure you have money set aside to cover your bills for a few months and don't just start a business because you think you can make a lot of money."


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