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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Sener Korkusuz:

Sener Korkusuz, owner of Earth Skater, has always been very interested in entrepreneurship and technology. When the opportunity presented itself in May of 1997, he and a partner acted on an idea and formally launched a web design company. They built it out through the mid to late 2000s, but eventually parted ways. Korkusuz remained focused on Earth Skater and developed it into one of the premier e-commerce service and support companies in South Florida.

Originally from New Jersey, Korkusuz discovered Boca Raton thanks to his brother. "He identified Boca as a great place to live in Florida," he said. "He was the first to move. My parents followed and I was next." With a degree in Computer Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, proficiency in 10 programming languages and plenty of work experience, Korkusuz was the perfect person to launch and grow a business like Earth Skater to help small business owners.

"We personally help you start and grow your business online with expert e-commerce service and support," said Korkusuz. "Earth Skater is well known for our low prices, free setup, expert service, and on-going customer support. Our clients are typically small business owners, either new or existing. They're typically not brick and mortar but we do have both. They're usually selling a product they make or service they provide with subscription based billing and they need the personal support. We provide a huge value in terms of our personal support and set up services."

"Korkusuz's original partner had more of a marketing mind, while Korkusuz had more of the technical mind. As such, when the partnership dissolved, Korkusuz had to learn marketing and sales. He also had to work on developing the mindset of success. "Having a big picture of Earth Skater, where it is and where it's going," he said. "It took years to develop that. I would ask myself, 'Should we be a mom and pop or aspire to be a market leader?'. I initially set my sights on becoming a market leader and doing things necessary to achieve that goal. I ended up finding a niche and now we're a smaller operator with a focus on customization."

Unlike many disbanded partnerships, Korkusuz remained good friends with his former partner. In fact, Korkusuz credits his former partner for encouraging him to pursue entrepreneurship. Korkusuz has always wanted to repay him at some point. In 2014, he seized an opportunity to do just that.

"I saw what my former partner was doing with a new football league, but he was struggling on the business side," he said. "It was more of a hobby at first. I immediately recognized that this could be a national sport and on TV. We went back and forth for three months talking about how we could help each other. I convinced him that we would work well together, so we formed a new partnership. Fast forward 3 years, and we are now TV producers with the A7FL broadcast nationally and internationally on ELEVEN Sports Network. It's a 7 on 7 no-pads tackle football league. We've been in Forbes, Sports Illustrated and ESPN 360 is producing a documentary on us. Our games are aired on Direct TV. It's a lot of fun and a dream come true."

Looking ahead, Korkusuz is focused on helping as many people as possible with his ventures. Because of his involvement in A7FL, he's always evaluating the future of Earth Skater and hoping to, at some point, incorporate his older brother into the business, allowing him to focus on other ventures.

Korkusuz has some great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and for those looking to maximize their Internet marketing efforts. "Develop in your mind a frenzy and a passion so strong that you feel like you're going to die if you can't accomplish your objectives," he said. "Have that mindset before you try to go out and be successful. In regards to Internet Marketing, most people don't have a clue what to do. The real shocking part is the simplicity of what works. You can basically pay for clicks on Google or invest your time and creativity into building a social media presence. There's work involved, but you'll see results. Internet Marketing is not just about buying traffic. You can have plenty of clicks but if those clicks aren't turning into results, then you're not really getting anything out of it."


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