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Shawn Zimmerman, founder of Zenig, is a three-time, serial entrepreneur in the healthcare space who founded two radiology startups before launching Zenig, a patient engagement and workflow productivity solution for hospitals and outpatient facilities.

"We help hospitals run more efficiently," Zimmerman said. "We can monitor productivity and engage with the patient. We enable providers to text patients during their visit and give patients a personal screen on their cell that keeps them updated. As a patient moves through different departments in the hospital, they're kept aware of their next steps, who they're seeing and some educational materials as well. Our app collects a lot of data so we allow providers to know who touched each patient and how long they engaged with the patient. We can provide detailed reports on different staff regarding time spent with patients as well as the facility's busy times and wait times to find bottlenecks."

In early 2017, Zenig is in 15 hospitals and projects to nearly double that number by year end. "Our differentiator is that we look at the whole picture of the patient visit," Zimmerman explained. "Before a patient even comes on site, we can remind them of their appointment. Throughout their visit and after, we can engage with them. Our competition only has one piece of the puzzle handling one department in a hospital. We're more contiguous, monitoring and working with patients from start to finish."

Zimmerman's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to follow your passion. "Find something you get gratification and satisfaction from," he said. "It's hard to start a business. There are always challenges. You have to have a personal connection to pull through. You have to truly believe in what you're doing."
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