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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Sheila Kramer:

Sheila Kramer, founder of Lake Mary Life Magazine, is a two-time publishing entrepreneur who has grown her businesses with a content driven business model and a focus on the positive aspects of news.

"We shine a light on all the good that is happening throughout Seminole County," she said. "When we do that, we consider ourselves the hopeful magazine of the county. Whether it's a nonprofit organization or private individuals doing something for the good of mankind - or unique or incredible experience to share - that’s where we get our features."

Kramer considers the magazine's content driven focus to be its key differentiator.

"If we didn’t have good content, no one would read our magazines, and our advertisers would not benefit," she explained. "We absolutely separate advertising from editorial, and we make sure each piece of content in the magazine is high quality no matter the size. Lake Mary Life Magazine was born on my dining room table. The first edition was 24 pages. Now we're up to 148 to 164 pages."

Kramer's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to fill a need. "Just because you're interested in something doesn't mean you should be opening a business," she said. "There has to be a need. When we started, there was no publication serving Lake Mary. There has to be need to fill. Also, start small and don't feel like you have to launch with a big magazine and a launch party. You can start small as long as you have the skills. As you grow, hire people to do the jobs you were doing but who can do them better than you can."


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