If you're a City / County Government, Economic Development Organization, Chamber of Commerce, CareerSource Board, University or other public entity that would like to be an official sponsor of the Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center, please contact us directly by email at Our team will respond within 24 hours to schedule a phone discussion. See our current public sector sponsors at


Thanks to the generous support from our public sector sponsors, the Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center team works everyday to promote and connect you, Florida's entrepreneurship community through an online profile featuring your business story and the profile of your peers. If you would like to gain additional visibility on the platform and support the FLVEC movement, here's your optional private sector sponsorship opportunity. For your generous support, you get:

1) Your company logo on

2) Your company logo on the County FLVEC page where your company is headquartered

3) Your FLVEC profile will be moved to the top of the "all entrepreneurs page" at

4) A better FLVEC website for yourself and your fellow entrepreneurs

The minimum required contribution to become a private sector sponsor and to support our mission is $100/year. We do accept contributions over that amount. For those in a position to do so, we want you to know that every dollar goes towards the development and management of resources and tools that increase our ability to promote, empower and to connect entrepreneurs throughout the state. Entrepreneurs are and will always be at the center of our universe.

Instructions for Private Sector Sponsor Payment Only

The UCF Research Foundation is FLVEC's fiscal agent. As such, all payments are made directly to the Foundation then routed to the FLVEC account. Please follow these instructions to process your payment.

1) Go to

2) In the "other" field enter "FLVEC Private Sector Sponsorship"

3) In the field to the immediate right of "other" enter your contribution amount (min. $100)

4) Press the "equals" button and the total of your contribution should appear at the bottom

5) Select "continue" and complete your payment information

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the FLVEC team at 386-310-8781 or by email at