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Learn about FLVEC Partner City of Ormond Beach Economic Development:

1) In what ways does the City of Ormond Beach Economic Development help business owners?

The OBED helps business owners in multiple ways – directing you to resources relevant to issues or opportunities you are having (i.e. financing, workforce development, etc.), helping with site selection as you seek larger space or new space, respond to inquiries and help maneuver through any city process (i.e. site plan review, initial zoning, tax receipt, etc.)

2) Why is it important for business owners to take the time to contact the City of Ormond Beach Economic Development?

Over the course of the year a business may face multiple issues for which you have questions or need assistance. The OBED serves as an ombudsman to the business community so we can assess your inquiry with a holistic approach, identify specific assistance while also potentially identifying additional resources or ways to help. Having that connection also allows us to establish and grow a relationship that you can use as you grow or run into additional challenges.

3) Which types of businesses does the City of Ormond Beach Economic Development help?

The OBED's primary focus is on target industry including Manufacturing, Aviation/Aerospace, Professional & Business Services. Many of these companies are categorized as small businesses with 25 or fewer employees and are at some stage of starting up, growing or expanding (whether it is just their market share or their physical location). The OBED also helps start-ups and entrepreneurs. As regional efforts are underway to provide technical assistance to this group, the OBED is preparing to assist in those efforts.

4) What are some things that the City of Ormond Beach Economic Development hears from business owners that other business owners should know about?

The OBED has initiated an annual ‘Business Pulse’ Survey which takes a look at the business climate and provides businesses with an overall sense of the economy, workforce, etc. The OBED tracks labor force and demographic data that is shared with the business community which in turn can provide you important insight on how the local economy is performing over the course of the year.

5) Is there a cost for business owners to use the City of Ormond Beach Economic Development and its services / resources?

There is no cost for use of services/resources. Call Economic Development Director, Brian Rademacher, at 386-676-3266 or send us a message using the green "Contact Us" button below.
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