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Learn about FLVEC Partner Collier County Office of Business & Economic Development:

1) In what ways does Collier County Office of Business & Economic Development help business owners?

The Collier County Office of Business & Economic Development, working with its economic development partners, helps local businesses with retention and expansion needs, as well as those new to the area or planning to relocate. Services include helping to streamline the permitting process, linking a business with incentives and directing businesses to properties that could provide tax benefits, such as Opportunity Zones and Innovation Zones. We also can help businesses looking to relocate through a confidential incentive process.

2) Why is it important for business owners to take the time to contact Collier County OBED?

Business owners who contact our office get the benefit of a team who understands a business’ needs and how to quickly cut through red tape. Our knowledge of local, regional, state and federal grants helps businesses expedite their establishment or expansion needs. Plus, working with the county keeps the lines of communication open between OBED and our economic partners, giving businesses a greater benefit and more resources.

OBED understands that a major barrier for companies looking to expand or relocate is cost — the cost of space, equipment and training employees. We also know incentives are an important part of any site location decision.

3) Which types of businesses does Collier County OBED help?

From startups to established businesses seeking incentives to grow, OBED can link a business to what it needs to take the next step. Arthrex, one of Collier’s success stories, and others, such as ACI Worldwide, Kore Wireless’s Position Logic and Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida, all have grown exponentially through incentives.

In addition, our Naples Accelerator is a place for startups and small businesses to grow, meet with mentors and network before venturing out on their own. Our second accelerator, the Florida Culinary Accelerator @ Immokalee, helps chefs and startup food businesses gain the certifications needed to sell to the retail and wholesale markets. Both accelerators work with OBED, SCORE and the SBDC to provide the mentorship necessary to succeed.

Our targeted industries are advanced manufacturing; eco-tourism/sports-tourism/medical-tourism; performing arts and film; agritechnology/culinary products; wellness, lifestyle and innovation; and electronic commerce. We want businesses to know Collier County is not only a paradise for vacationers, but a place to set up business headquarters or expansion offices. Why just vacation in paradise?

4) What are some things Collier County OBED hears from business owners that other businesses should know about?

Collier County has everything, from beaches to boardrooms and offices, top restaurants, the arts and sports. People are unaware that Collier County’s many national headquarters include Arthrex, ACI Worldwide, ASG Technologies, Structure Medical, NewsBank and Skylink Data Centers, among others. They’re also surprised to hear that Naples is home to several billionaires and philanthropists, including Richard Schulze, Tom Golisano, Reinhold Schmieding, Shahid Khan and Catherine Lozick.

There also are venture angels that can help startups, such as the Adrenaline Venture Fund, a member of our Naples Accelerator, and the Tamiami Angel Fund.

5) Is there a cost for business owners to use Collier County OBED and its services / resources?

As a division of county government, OBED provides services at no cost to businesses. In addition, we work with partners, such as SCORE, the Small Business Development Center at FGCU and the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, which can provide business expertise and research at no cost.
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