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Learn about FLVEC Partner Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County:

1) In what ways does the EDC of Sarasota County help business owners?

The EDC's Business Development Services include:
- Confidential Project Management
- Rapid Permitting / Regulatory Navigation
- Building & Site Review
- Market Research
- Workforce Assistance
- Incentives / Financing
- Exporting Assistance
- Connections to other essential business resource agencies / organizations

2) Why is it important for business owners to take the time to contact the EDC of Sarasota County?

As the County’s designated organization to Enterprise Florida and as lead for fulfilling the County’s economic development strategy, the EDC of Sarasota is uniquely positioned to assist new and existing businesses through its one-stop business-resource model. Knowledgeable of local, regional, and state grants, loans, information, and expertise the EDC team helps enterprising businesses to streamline their establishment, growth, and expansion needs.

3) Which types of businesses does the EDC of Sarasota County help?

The EDC of Sarasota is prepared to be the point-of-contact for companies that are export-oriented requiring assistance.

4) What are some things the EDC of Sarasota County hears from business owners that other business owners should know about?

There is a world of resources available to small businesses from workforce, consulting, business intelligence, etc. that the EDC is uniquely placed to connect businesses to the many partners.

5) Is there a cost for business owners to use the EDC of Sarasota County and its services / resources?

All services are at no-cost.
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