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Learn about FLVEC Partner Nature Coast Business Development Council:

1) In what ways does the Nature Coast Business Development Council of Levy County help business owners?

The Nature Coast Business Development Council helps the business community identify opportunities to expand through new market strategies and marketing plans. Their Business Alliance offers timely topics of interest, networking and round-table discussions for peer review and troubleshooting. Nature Coast BDC also helps pinpoint and acquire expansion capital, talent, and tailor incentive programs to better assist with relocations or renovations. In addition, Nature Coast BDC offers numerous marketing tools to increase exposure and awareness, including business spotlight videos and entrepreneur profiles.

2) Why is it important for business owners to take the time to contact the Nature Coast Business Development Council of Levy County?

More than 90 percent of Levy County's businesses employ 20 or less employees; starting up and sustaining a small business can be challenging, especially in rural areas. There is often a multitude of steps to ensure success, and numerous solicitations from "helpful hands" that lead to less than desirable results. Nature Coast BDC cuts through the clutter, streamlining the process to eliminate distractions and unnecessary steps, engaging a network of partners at the appropriate time.

3) Which types of businesses does the Nature Coast Business Development Council of Levy County help?

Nature Coast BDC interacts with a wide variety of businesses; agriculture and ecotourism continue to play a large role in Levy County's economy. They also work with a large manufacturing base, including the areas of marine and aviation, as well as healthcare, transportation and logistics, energy and more. Levy County is close enough to larger metro areas, major highways and other critical infrastructure that work to produce a suitable business environment and climate for medium and larger companies.

4) What are some things the Nature Coast Business Development Council of Levy County hears from business owners that other business owners should know about?

Despite having a relatively small population, Levy County produces a large variety of products not found in many other places in the world. Levy County has a lot of opportunity for growth in multiple sectors and has a very favorable business climate, cost of living and quality of life.

5) Is there a cost for business owners to use the Nature Coast Business Development Council of Levy County and its services / resources?

There are no fees for any consultation, technical assistance or similar needs a business might have. In January 2018, the Nature Coast Business Development Council - a 501(c)(3) - launched an investment opportunity program to allow supporters to invest at various levels in the organization, which provides more extensive services.
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