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Learn about FLVEC Partner SMARTstart Pasco:

1) In what ways does SMARTstart help business owners?

SMARTstart Pasco offers a complete range of services to support small and early stage businesses. These include monthly roundtables, a ten week entrepreneur training class using the CO.STARTERS curriculum, a microloan program and incubation including both on and offsite membership options.

2) Why is it important for business owners to take the time to contact SMARTstart?

As an entrepreneur support organization operated by a regional leader in economic development (Pasco EDC), SMARTstart Pasco is able to facilitate customer discovery contacts across a range of industries and connect entrepreneurs with resources they need from in terms of workforce, capital and professional services.

3) Which types of businesses does SMARTstart help?

SMARTstart Pasco has something to offer any small or early stage business in or relocating to Pasco County, with particular emphasis on B2B, B2G and Food/Beverage.

4) What are some things SMARTstart hears from business owners that other business owners should know about?

No business model survives first contact with the customer.

5) Is there a cost for business owners to use SMARTstart and its services / resources?

Each of the SMARTstart programs has some associated monetary cost. Pasco EDC strives to keep these costs low so as to keep the programs within the reach of any entrepreneur.
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