As an entrepreneur with a business headquartered in a non-Sponsor county, you have an opportunity, through a minimal yearly investment, to join our community of dedicated entrepreneurs that understand the power of connecting with their customers and their peers through story.

For $250 per year, you get:

1) A phone interview to capture your business story resulting in a high-quality, optimized write-up with back-links to your website and social media

2) Your company logo on under the section "Private Sector Sponsors"

3) Your company logo on the County FLVEC page where your company is headquartered

4) Your FLVEC profile will be listed listed under the section "Featured Entrepreneurs" at

5) Up to five (5) of your blog posts published on

6) Promotion of your special offer for other businesses to consider using,

7) Invitation to share your story with other entrepreneurs during our monthly FLVEC conference call

8) A better FLVEC website for yourself and your fellow entrepreneurs

Instructions for Private Sector Sponsor Payment Only

The UCF Research Foundation is FLVEC's fiscal agent. As such, all payments are made directly to the Foundation then routed to the FLVEC account. Please follow these instructions to process your payment.

1) Go to

2) In the "other" field enter "FLVEC Private Sector Sponsorship"

3) In the field to the immediate right of "other" enter $250

4) Press the "equals" button and total should appear at the bottom

5) Select "continue" and complete your payment information

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the FLVEC team by email at