As a resource agency supporting entrepreneurs, you have the opportunity, through a minimal yearly sponsorship, to upgrade your involvement in the FLVEC movement. Currently, your agency receives a free basic listing on To upgrade your involvement and become a sponsor, see below.

For $250 per year, you get:

1) Your logo displayed next to your agency's FLVEC directory listing

2) Monthly email showing you the number of views your FLVEC directory listing receives

3) Directory listing customization including embedding a video and/or uploading a header image

4) "Contact Us" button upgrade so FLVEC users can message your agency from your FLVEC listing

Instructions for Resource Agency Sponsor Payment Only

The UCF Research Foundation is FLVEC's fiscal agent. As such, all payments are made directly to the Foundation then routed to the FLVEC account. Please follow these instructions to process your payment.

1) Go to

2) In the "other" field enter "FLVEC Resource Agency Sponsor"

3) In the field to the immediate right of "other" enter $250

4) Press the "equals" button and total should appear at the bottom

5) Select "continue" and complete your payment information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the FLVEC team by email at