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Mount Dora, Florida

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Stan Van Meter, founder of FleetMode, an enterprise level distracted driving app, got his inspiration to launch a company because he listened to his wife's concern about his own distracted driving.

"It was just after 9/11 and I was backing out of our driveway with my cell in one hand and my BlackBerry in the other," he said. "My wife said you'll kill us if you keep doing that. The phone should know if you're driving. I have to thank her for the idea."

From there, Van Meter founded TXTBlocker, a distracted driving app for the consumer market. As it became more and more successful, he began to get requests for an enterprise version.

"Our differentiator is there's no hardware to install in the vehicle," he explained. "There's a simple sticker that you place on the windshield to let the phone know you're driving. We also focus on creating a safer user interface for the driver. While navigating, the driver can still access some functions but others are off limits to keep them safe and focused on the road."

Van Meter's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is focused one thing. "Focus," he said. "You need a clear and concise vision. Don’t get distracted with other ideas you think are good at the time, but are just distractions from your core focus. The reason Ted Williams was one of baseball's greatest hitters was because he didn't swing at pitches he knew he couldn't hit."
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