Steve Rosato

Miami, Florida

Rockpoint Business Solutions
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Steve Rosato, founder of Rockpoint Business Solutions, helps small and medium sized businesses attack both metric and leadership challenges. "While I am proud of my success driving results across industries and functions", he said, "I'm most proud of the people I've had the honor to lead and develop who have gone on to do some pretty amazing things. There is no doubt that delivering the numbers is critically important, but businesses have to also be focused on selecting and grooming the right leaders because only through them can you achieve success."

Rosato launched Rockpoint Business Solutions to help business owners and executives identify and address operational inefficiencies and grow top line revenue. "In my career, I've always been asked to lead underperforming sales and operations teams and transform their performance in these two areas," he said. "Where I have been successful is in applying a disciplined analytical approach to help businesses understand what behaviors and which operational metrics are critically important and to focus relentlessly on their improvement. If you truly understand the math of your business, the desired bottom-line results then typically fall out."

Rosato has come to entrepreneurship as a way to use his deep subject matter expertise in performance improvement to assist other entrepreneurs. "The last two roles I held involved leading highly complex sales and operations teams and driving record results within the first year in each case," he said. "The approach I developed and deployed in those capacities I believe are directly applicable to most small and medium sized businesses. I felt that if I could have the success I had with large organizations that my expertise might be of help to those leading businesses in earlier stages of growth and maturity."

Rosato's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is threefold. "First, do something that you love and are passionate about," he said. "Second, ensure you have efficient processes and are focused on the right operational metrics. Lastly, once you identify the key upstream behaviors and metrics, I truly believe you will get what you measure, report, reward and recognize on. I can't overestimate the importance in deploying energies in these areas. Keep your eye on those upstream metrics that once optimized will drive your success."


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