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Susan Scrupski is a serial entrepreneur who launched Big Mountain Data after accomplishing all her career goals and taking a step back to contemplate what challenge to take on next.

"Big Mountain Data takes a non-traditional approach to the epidemic of domestic violence," she said. "We develop data solutions to help in the fight against intimate partner violence. When I thought about this problem in our society, it seemed many things had remained the same over 30 years. I got excited about the opportunity to do something here. I had five partners in another business I owned that we ended up selling so I could go on to do this."

Big Mountain Data is working to put intimate partner violence data to work to inform communities, governments, law enforcement, universities, and social service agencies.

"Most of the focus in this area has always centered on the victims," Scrupski explained. "Big Mountain Data is not interested in the aftermath of this phenomenon, but rather focusing on the problem. If you look at the problem exclusive of the social services that wrap around it to help vulnerable communities, the problem exists within a data set of perpetrators who repeatedly commit these crimes. We take a STEM approach to this really hairy social issue. We look at the data that surrounds offenders and their repeat behaviors. These indicators are easily seen when we view horrific events through a rearview mirror, but we can use data we already have now to prevent these crimes."

Scrupski is passionate about the topic and credits that passion for the difference she has already made with this, her fourth, business. "I've been able to begin the exercise of changing the narrative around this phenomenon - to start the shift to thinking about the offender as the problem," she said. "Even though I didn't have any background in this area and it’s a complete change in careers, I've been able to put forward a fresh and innovative way of thinking about the problem. And even if that is all I am able to do, that will be a success for me."


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