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Tammie Ferguson, founder of Tammie Ferguson Consulting, formed her company to solve a problem she encountered as a result of the hyper-mobile lifestyle inherent to military families.

"I earned my undergraduate degree in 2004 and had three job offers that I couldn’t take because the Army was sending us away," she said. "I learned very quickly how difficult it is to establish a career when you are transient and your spouse is separated from you frequently and for extended periods of time. Year after year I'd move and would have to apply for more jobs. My solution was to start a business."

Tammie Ferguson Consulting is a virtual, full-service marketing agency that focuses on helping startups and non-profit organizations. "When you're starting a business, you're looking for startup cash and don’t have a big marketing budget to hire a large agency," she explained. "By being virtual, we can pass along the savings of our low overhead. We're able to provide new business owners and non profits affordable, yet professional, services. We're full service, offering graphic design, PR, web design, social media management assistance."

Ferguson's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is straightforward. "Start with a solid plan, network and don't waste money on trivial things," she said. "Keep overhead and startup costs low, minimize liabilities and stick to what you're passionate about."
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