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Terrence Donnelly, co-founder of Teeps, received the Young Entrepreneur Award from Governor Rick Scott in 2017 for his success growing his mobile app development company. Donnelly co-founded Teeps after a career as a recording artist signed to a major label.

"I was always interested in building something from nothing," he said. "I taught myself software engineering while touring on the road with my band. I knew I would leave music and needed a contingency plan to make a living. I always wanted to create video games and so it made sense to learn software engineering. I built client apps to bootstrap Teeps and we took the money from those apps to hire or first developers."

From bootstrapping in 2014, Teeps has grown out of its 2016 offices into new space in Downtown Orlando to accommodate the eight additional hires it plans to make in 2017 to compliment its current staff of 18.

"We are a mobile app development consultancy that is hyper-locally focused so we work primarily with clients within 100-150 miles from our main office," Donnelly explained. "That’s one of the reasons our clients say over and over why they chose us versus the competition. There are lots of mobile developers who outsource their work and get lower quality as a result. With us, they get the opportunity to build a relationship with our developers which leads to even higher quality work."

Donnelly's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to fire bullets before cannonballs. "Build something small that solves the core problem you're trying to solve," he said. "Don’t add bells and whistles right away. Determine what is the minimum you need to validate your business and test that on your customer base. Let them tell you how to make it better."
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