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Dania Beach, Florida

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Terry Bastian, founder of SLURPITS, a clean water solution company, is a serial entrepreneur who launched businesses in the solar and watershed management areas before bringing his experience to bear on aquatic toxin removal.

"The SLURPIT is a living biological filter that absorbs and digests pollution in the water," he said. "It is a living machine that uses natural and man-made material in combination with our proprietary blend of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms that digest oil and petrochemicals including pesticides and some pharmaceuticals in the water. We've figured out the secret sauce to make the organisms all work together. We are passionate about cleaning the water and removing the toxins."

Bastian began considering the potential for microorganism-based water filters while doing some work as an environmental consultant. "I was consulting on golf courses in the Northeast when a pesticide manufacturer's representative explained to me that between batches the factory cleaned their tanks with bacteria. That was the aha moment – learning that some living things eat poison. That started me on the road to learning how the microorganisms digest toxins," he said.

Bastian's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is that the right partnerships can help you bootstrap your startup. "As a bootstrapped company, I've had to work hard to create alliances and partnerships to promote our business," he explained. "My advice is seek partnerships that can help you fund some aspects of the operation. For example, my marine distributor is paying for and setting up the trade shows we exhibit at. Be strategic in finding good connections and networks."
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