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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Thomas and Lisa Moravec:

Originally from Montana and Illinois, Thomas and Lisa Moravec, Owners of World Wide Safety Consulting, have been in the industrial and commercial safety and health management industry their entire professional lives. Their first attempt to launch a business that closely resembled World Wide Safety Consulting took place in 2004. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. By 2011, however, Thomas and Lisa were prepared to give it another shot. This time, they were confidently equipped with the right skills, experience and were determined to see it through.

“Different things in life came up and we let it go by the wayside,” Thomas said, referring to that first attempt. “However, it’s something we’ve been involved with our whole lives. With the people we know throughout the country, we knew it was an opportunity we couldn’t completely let go of. We wanted to do something for ourselves and we knew we had to make a second attempt.”

After several years of contract work, Thomas and Lisa, who lived in the Midwest working for a large utility at the time, made two major decisions in 2011.

“As contractors, we had a long-term contract with a utility that ended,” Thomas said. “Even though I was in a high management position, there were some major changes happening that would affect us. I knew it was time. I came home and said we’re going to start another company and we’re moving to Florida. About a month later, we cashed in our 401(k), moved to Palm Coast, got our first contract and soon after, hired our first few employees.”

After working through some financial challenges, including securing working capital to sufficiently meet payroll, which allowed them to take on even more jobs, Thomas and Lisa grew the business through a combination of traditional and digital advertising and word-of-mouth referrals. They also found value by attending trade shows, sponsoring different programs, clubs, NASCAR’s Xfinity Series and by getting involved with Flagler County DAV, Flagler Sports Fishing Club, Angel flight South East, Christmas Angels, along with other fund raisers in Flagler and Volusia Counties

Thomas shared why it makes sense to use a third party like World Wide Safety Consulting’s Services rather than handling it internally or taking a low budget approach.

“Many contractors don’t have safety consulting in their budgets,” he said. “Those that do, will sometimes look at using a cheaper alternative or hiring an employee to handle it. Either way, they’re better off using a company like ours. The entire burden falls on us and when you actually take the time to compare the cost of hiring a new employee versus what it could cost to use our services, you’d see that we’re more affordable than you think.”

Since World Wide Safety Consulting first launched, they’ve expanded into other areas such as Project Management and Quality Control through World Wide Professional Services DBA as WWSC. The industries they serve include Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Transportation, Marine and more. Whether it’s onsite safety management, safety training, auditing inspections or project management support, World Wide Safety Consulting and World Wide Professional Services has the experience and the leadership to deliver exceptional results.

Thomas shared what he enjoys most and why this line of work is so rewarding. “I love the challenge,” he said. “Whether it’s a difficult project or the challenges of where the market is going, it keeps things exciting and interesting. Also, when I can go to a company and assist them in bettering what they can give to their employees and clients, in terms of safety and management, it’s gratifying. Maybe we helped people on a project go home without getting hurt. On the professional services side, maybe we saved that client money with our knowledge and by supporting them on cost savings and schedule. We’re truly making a difference in the lives of employees and the direction of the companies we work with. Perhaps the most important part is being able to take care of their employees.”

Looking ahead, Thomas shared that their future goal is to continue to seek opportunities in different markets. He understands the importance of diversifying their portfolio. This includes solar and wind and other renewable energy sources.

What advice does Thomas have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “If you decide to start a business, it needs to be something you’re familiar with,” he said. “Also, have a good plan in place and know where you want to take the business. Don’t be afraid to go for it. So many people want their own business, but they’re scared to walk away from that guaranteed paycheck. However, the gratification you get from owning your own business is incredible. Also, don’t be afraid to fail. Worst case scenario is that you learn from it. Lastly, make sure you hire the right people and don’t underestimate the importance of a sales team.”


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