Timothy Michael Ricke

Altamonte Springs, Florida

Ricke Media
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What is your company description and what makes your company unique?

Writer/Speaker/Coaching. My approach is based on experience. As a past Entrepreneur of the Year, I apply Michael Gerber's - E-Myth systems to my coaching. Keeping it simple is how I apply all avenues.

How did you get into entrepreneurship?

I began my first business at age four. Any and all can request Journeys of the Entrepreneur - Book One - Kidpreneur. Within those pages I provide the stories of becoming an entrepreneur.

Why do you do what you do?

Freedom and seeing my clients succeed.

What tools, resources or books have you used to start and/or grow your business?

I have 1,000s. Michael Gerber - E-Myth Revisited is a prime start for all new entrepreneurs. I require new clients to read this book.

My mentors:Michael Gerber, Jay Abraham Marketing, Tony Robbins, Phillip Crosby, Zero Defects, Elon Musk, Joe Newton, HS coach, Dean Swift (former Sears president). I have over 30 that have helped me on my journey.

Tools: The internet, FileMaker Pro, Apple, Kindle, and so many more.

Why did you choose to locate your business in Florida?

When Disney World opened I realized opportunities will be there. I moved here in 1973.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Being the guy or gal that does the work of business will only produce freedom if you 'systemize', build a model, and perfect it. Now you will have a profitable business. Then, you can sell it at a high price, build more company locations, and franchise it.

Never quit!

How can other entrepreneurs help you?

Send me those seeking help in their businesses. I do a free discovery call that can help.


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