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Wildwood Motocross
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Todd Colbert, co-founder of Wildwood Motocross, holds two motorcycle World Records recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records and has been involved with motocross for most of his life. Initially, Colbert and his partners planned on opening a mud bog for mud trucks, but when they examined the proposed location, they determined it was better suited for a motocross facility.

"Wildwood Motocross is a motocross facility with six different motocross tracks on 100 acres," Colbert said. "Most places have one or two tracks while we have six. We're also the only indoor arenacross track in Florida and Monster Energy just signed on as a park sponsor."

In addition to holding the records for longest eight and nine person motorcycle wheelies, Colbert was a motorcycle stunt rider for 15 years including a stint as Harley Davidson's main stunt rider.

"I've created stunt videos and also an event called Stunt Wars, which was the world's largest motocross stunt competition," Colbert said. "We held it at the Lakeland Drag Strip and the owner of the strip and his son, Roy and Doug Spiker, are my partners now at Wildwood Motocross."

Colbert's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to treat it like learning a motocross stunt. "Build it slowly," he said. "Don't try to go big right out of the gate."
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