Tom Bowles

Lakeland, Florida

Alltek Services
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Tom Bowles, founder of Alltek Services, is an IT industry veteran who loves what he does.

"Our business is really a lot of fun to be in," he said. "It's growing and changing and is very dynamic. We're always excited for the next opportunity. Out of college, a friend talked me into working with him selling accounting software, which I did for several years before launching a business with partners to both make and sell accounting software. That company morphed over the years and migrated into the managed services market. I left that company 15 years ago to launch Alltek."

Alltek Services is a managed services provider for IT services that often acts as their clients' virtual IT department.

"Our approach centers on our box of best practices that we've developed over the years," Bowles explained. "Our goal is to try to get all our customers inside our box of best practices because it gets them in a good spot where their IT infrastructure is more reliable and gives them a group to support them at the help-desk level who are well-versed with what they're dealing with."

Bowles' advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to make sure your business support your team so they are in the position to perform.

"You need to do your homework and make sure you have the right processes in place," he said. "Many times, if your organization fails, it's not because you have the wrong person in place, but because you didn’t have the proper processes in place to take care of a particular problem. I can't say how important processes are from the top to the bottom of an organization. Communicate with your customers. Keep an open dialogue and always be honest."


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