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Sarasota, Florida

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Tony Fernandez, founder of MTech MDM, followed his son's footsteps into entrepreneurship. Now they work together in their rapidly growing IT services company. After a lot of soul searching in college, Anthony Fernandez decided he did not want to follow his father's footsteps into the corporate world and that the entrepreneurship path was where his future lay.

"My son has always been great at fixing things," Fernandez said. "He's got a natural inclination to fix things and help people. When he came to the conclusion he wanted to go into mobile IT segment, my father and I invested in his startup and within two years, he was able to acquire another mobile repair company."

The success did not stop there. One of the company's early clients was a large regional Hospital. When Fernandez accompanied his son to one of their meetings, Fernandez recognized additional opportunity to expand his son's business model. That is when Fernandez left the corporate world and began his entrepreneurship journey by launching MTech MDM, which focuses on commercial mobile device management. "We took managed services best practices and principles and adapted them for mobility," Fernandez said. "In just one year, we've seen tremendous growth and are doing business with Fortune 500 companies and partners that most would consider competitors. We never would have thought we would have been as successful as we've been so quickly."

MTech MDM is dedicated to supporting the mobile technology that business relies on everyday. "We are a mobile servicing company," Fernandez said. "We started out taking care of people's mobile devices. Now we're providing that service to large companies supporting employees throughout the United States."

Fernandez's advice to entrepreneurs is to stay driven and seek assistance. "Keep the fire burning and also make sure you seek a lot of support from friends, family and business colleagues," he said. "Driving success in business has a lot to do with people you associate yourself with including customers and partners. Our customers not only love what we do, but they're also helping us grow. There's no better formula for success than having that type of support system."


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