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Artemis is a leading Information Technology (IT), support partner, providing comprehensive networking, cloud, security, and infrastructure services backed by superior support. From end-user and critical network support to strategic technology design, integration, and management, the Artemis team understands how to put your technology to work for your organization. Their top priorities are improving efficiency, keeping your team connected, making the most of your IT budget, and, ultimately, increasing your bottom line.

Five Core Values Lead Artemis IT Toward Continued Success
What was about the ah-ha moment that led to the idea of your company?

My entrepreneurial journey was evolutionary rather than triggered by one event. I grew up on a small family farm, and while I didn’t realize it at the time, watching my family run the family farm was providing me with a firsthand view of entrepreneurialism and what it was like to run a small business. I started my first company while in high school and then founded Artemis IT while a sophomore in college.

Thankfully, I started a business doing what I love, leveraging technology to solve problems, and I believe that the fact that we like what we do has been a key driver in our success.

What kind of value does Artemis IT bring its customers?

Artemis IT is a managed technology service provider that delivers comprehensive monitoring, user support, networking, cloud services, cybersecurity, and infrastructure services to our customers.

We bring value to our customers by “Making IT Work”; providing them with the peace of mind that systems are operational, secure, and being
leveraged together to deliver maximum ROI.

This looks like an enterprise IT department complete with desktop and user support, systems and network administration, advanced engineers, NOC monitoring, security and compliance services, and a managed projects team with supervision and strategic direction provided by a CIO-level professional.

Our customers have a true IT department at their disposal rather than just an IT “person.”
We marry this team approach with our always evolving set of standard processes and systems that ensure reliability, consistency, security, and an efficiently managed IT organization. We have built our processes on the CMMI foundation to ensure that we are following an internationally recognized standard.

What’s it like working at Artemis IT?

Our Company Culture is driven by operating in a manner that is always informed by Our Core Values. We hire based on them, build service based on them, and incorporate them into our performance evaluations. By executing a service model that is founded from our core values, Artemis team members are laser-focused to Make I.T. Work for our clients and doing so while embracing a coaching management style that builds the staff’s professional career in parallel with the company’s growth. We have invested in tools and systems that help us understand, communicate, and develop our people while also holding them accountable for improving themselves. Our “Great Place to Work” committee focuses on trying to incorporate some fun into our operations with team gatherings, challenges, and activities focused on reducing stress and providing team support.

Our five core values start with turning customers into ravings fans by delivering on what we promise while providing a great place to work that fosters the development of our team members. We expect everyone to commit to providing technical excellence through consistent best-in-class service that allows us to earn the Trusted Business Partner designation. Successfully doing these things drives innovative growth for our customers, team members, and our company.

What are some challenges you’ve found in growing your business?

One of our largest challenges as a company came with the Tech Bubble crash. We started the company in 1995, and we’re benefiting from the focus on tech. We were adding customers, adding staff, and frankly, we’re not too focused on running a streamlined business with respect to financial maturity and back-office efficiency. We also were earning a large percentage of our revenue from a few big customers. When the crash came, we were not well prepared to manage the cash crunch, client’s slow pays, and for the first time, we had to lay off staff. We learned some very difficult lessons about running an efficient organization, staying on top of cash flow management, and recognizing that there are always opportunities to innovate and drive the business even in a downturn economy. We took these lessons to heart and focused our efforts and attention on being ready when there was a future downturn.

When the great recession impacted the nation, we were not only positioned as a much more efficient organization, but we were able to leverage our experiences to create opportunities and continue to grow throughout that period. Without the painful experience and lessons from the first downturn and commitment to have a better-managed company with a recession plan, we might not have survived the Great Recession let alone found a way to grow through it. Those same lessons are once again playing an important role as we guide the company through the COVID-19 crisis.

An interesting challenge we faced a few years ago was the “ah-ha” moment as it became clear that, as the founding CEO, I had become the bottleneck that was stalling the company’s ability to grow further. Consequently, we have been working to build out a strong management team including the position of Director of Operations. This position ensures we are executing on a day-to-day delivery so that I can turn my attention to strategic growth.

Through an introduction in a CEO Nexus group, we adopted a business management philosophy that helped to ensure our leadership shared a common vision and eventually all team members were speaking the same internal language and understood their individual functional roles. This led to some difficult conversations about who we were, what we were good at, and, frankly, what we were not very good at. This internal reflection resulted in us parting ways with some people who we realized we’re not really “rowing with the team” and ultimately led to the decision to completely exit one line of business. The entire organization is now more agile, more scalable, and ready for the next chapter.

What does it mean to you to be selected as a GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch Honoree?

We are humbled to be included with the other outstanding companies being recognized with this honor. It is especially rewarding to receive this acknowledgment this year, as it is a nod to the outstanding efforts and hard work of our day-to-day team. This past year has been a challenge for so many as they manage the impacts of COVID-19, and we are thankful to have a team at Artemis who have demonstrated their professionalism and commitment to face our customer’s operational challenges hand-in-hand as a true partner.

Our team understands and takes great personal pride in the role they get to play in the success of our customers. The third-party recognition that comes from the GrowFL honor provides validation that their work is recognized, appreciated, and has built the foundation for future growth and opportunity for them, for our customers, and for our company.

What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Sometimes it can feel lonely out there as an entrepreneur, but it doesn’t have to be that way. My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is that you don’t have to go it alone.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and take advantage of the many programs that exist to help you be successful.


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