Travis Proctor

Melbourne, Florida

Artemis IT
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Travis Proctor, founder of Artemis IT, launched is first IT services company in high school. By the time he graduated, the company had a contract with the local school district to provide their IT solutions.

"However, I wanted to sell the business to go to college while my partner saw the money we were making and didn't want to sell," Proctor said. "We organized a buyout agreement and I left Colorado to attend Florida Tech. College was fine, but I found I missed that entrepreneurial activity. So during my sophomore year, I founded Artemis IT. We got engaged in the community and by the time I graduated, we had a going concern."

Fast forward more than 20 years and now Artemis IT has grown into a managed service provider with 54 employees that can address nearly any IT issue a company can face.

"We engage our clients to help them figure out how to leverage technology to improve their business operations and bottom line," he explained. "We provide full service solutions whether it's a single project to upgrade their environment like migrate to the cloud or integrate new software to outsourcing full support of their environment with strategic planning or disaster and business continuity planning. We give companies access to all the resources of a 50-plus IT department at a fraction of the cost of building out that capability in house."

Proctor's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to leverage the many resources that already exist. "Don’t feel like you have to go on your own for everything," he said. "There are resources and people willing to support you and give advice. In a lot of ways we thought we had to invent the wheel, we could have advanced the growth of our business if we had asked for help. Take an honest look at yourself and your team and make sure you’ve got the right functions filled and the right talent to execute on the business. Sometimes it's hard to be honest with yourself about deficiencies, but if you are, then you can address them much quicker whether it's training or getting the right people who are critical to move forward."


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