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Trey Lauderdale, founder of Voalte, first became interested in entrepreneurship at the University of Florida, and then worked in a healthcare IT startup before launching his own in 2008.

"Voalte provides smartphone-based clinical communication solutions to hospitals and healthcare organizations to help them more effectively and efficiently provide care to their patients," Lauderdale said. "If you look at hospitals throughout the United States, they predominantly use pagers and legacy VoIP phones for communication. Voalte smartphones with our proprietary software are HIPAA-compliant and provide more advanced methods of communication such as text messaging and a directory that shows which care team members are available at any given time."

This focus on smartphone technology is a differentiator for Voalte. "Our competitors focus on legacy proprietary hardware, whether it's badges or phones, while Voalte is very much a software application for smartphones. We also have key strategic relationships with the largest health IT players that enable our software to fully integrate with a wide range of digital medical information systems."

Lauderdale's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is all about mentorship. "Establish an evolving network of mentors and coaches to help facilitate your growth personally and professionally, and to enable the company to continue to grow," he said. "Entrepreneurship is very difficult and lonely. There are many successful entrepreneurs who have been through the paces. I've found that many have been willing to give time from a coaching and mentor perspective. Find a network to provide guidance in both large and day-to-day decisions. You don’t want to make the same mistakes they've made. It is invaluable."
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