Viva Robinson

Clewiston, Florida

Viva’s Unique Hair & Boutique

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Viva Robinson:

Viva Robinson, founder of Viva’s Unique Hair & Boutique, launched her company because she needed space to conduct her business the way she wanted.

“My style is very family oriented,” she said. “We may start dancing at any moment. It’s a fun, inspiring therapeutic session. At the salon I worked at before I started this business, I had clients around the clock and it was a bit much to have all my clients there. I moved out because I needed my own space.”

Viva’s Unique Hair & Boutique is more than your everyday hair salon. “We do cutting edge haircuts, weaves, customized hairpieces, all your salon care and hair care,” Robinson explained. “I’m people oriented and most of my clientele comes from word of mouth and satisfied customers. A lot of people don’t know how to really cut hair on ethnic women. I also create hairpieces for those with baldness on top.”

Robinson’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to begin preparing as soon as you have a business idea.

“Early on when you see that you actually have the love for a business idea, you need to start saving money,” she said. “Save as much cash as you can early on. Also, treat people like you want to be treated it’s the best advertisement there is. Always reward yourself and keep your family in proper perspective.”
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