Wayne Rasanen

New Port Richey, Florida

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Wayne Rasanen, founder of IN10DID, is an inventor who was inspired by his belief that he could create an easier way to touch-type.

"I have a dream to teach people an easier way to type," he said. "The QWERTY keyboard is almost 150 years old and was designed to help prevent the old mechanical typewriter mechanisms from getting jammed. I wanted to find an easier way to touch type without so many keys, especially for modern small and mobile devices. By associating keystrokes with our ten fingers, usability is enhanced especially for those who find it difficult to interact with a traditional keyboard because of disabilities or other factors."

IN10DID produces a patented 10-key keyboard called the DecaTxt that provides every keystroke of traditional QWERTY keyboards. DecaTxt is one-handed and connects with Bluetooth to Smart Phones, Tablets and computers to provide typing and computer control without having to look. It can also be used with virtual reality devices.

"Our differentiator is that I've taken a more human-centric approach by putting the keys all onto our fingertips," Rasanen explained. "I was tinkering with how we could implement it, I discovered you could use a single press for the first letters, a thumb shift for the next eight and a second thumb shift for the last eight, it worked out perfectly for the number of letters in the alphabet. So many other keystrokes just fell into place while I was developing it that it seemed like it was intended. That's how we got our company name. It's typing the way it's intended."

Rasanen's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to be frugal and plan your expenditures.

"Preserve your capital whenever possible," he said. "It's easy to jump at an opportunity that sounds like a can't miss. Even things that do work out don't always turn into a financial landfall. If you want to survive, you've got to preserve your capital. Too many companies are here today and gone tomorrow because they spend too much on marketing and things don’t pan out the way they thought they might. There is always someone out there that will help you spend your money."


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