New Developments in Digital Accessibility Litigation and Strategies to Protect Your Company

This webinar addresses website accessibility compliance, legal risks, and tips for improving the accessibility of your website, app, and PDFs.

Surviving Digitally During COVID-19

This webinar addresses what you need to know before starting your next web development project. Ben shares the top 5 questions to ask your designer or developer before starting your next project and 3 things to focus on while digitally running your business during COVID-19.

The AC/DC of Quarantine

Business owners are powerful and adaptable. They are the leaders of the world. Yet Quarantine 2020 has stretched many of them out of their comfort zone. Ecuadorian native Rosie Paulsen, Published Author of the book Ñeque - The Spirit of a Resilient Mindset, will be sharing the AC/DC of Quarantine: tips that she has used to achieve a thriving, successful and profitable business even during these uncertain times.

Understanding Your Finances to Grow Your Business

Accurate financial records are important for more than tax compliance. Learn the basics of how to interpret your business finances and tips that have helped business owners adapt and thrive during the current economic challenges.

A Journey from Zero to Zero-G

The road to entrepreneurship is never a straight line. This presentation by Dr. G highlights his winding journey as a local academic-turned-businessman through research, entrepreneurship, and mentorship on his way to successfully establish Zero-G Horizons Technologies, LLC. Gain insight into the motives, roadblocks, and lessons Dr. G learned as he navigates family, technology, and business to live out his entrepreneurial dream.

DISCover your Biz Leadership Style

You might be talking but are they listening? Communication is the key to leadership. Knowing your strengths and acknowledging your fears and that of your team members will increase productivity and harmony in the workplace. Let's learn and discover your style together.

Top of Mind

Tools to stay top of mind with your new and existing customers, especially during COVID-19.

Improving Customer Experience at the Point of Payment

Gain valuable insights about creating a great customer experience. Learn how to reduce friction and automatically gather valuable customer data at the point of payment.

CMMC: A New Twist on Defense Contracts

The DoD’s recently-released Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification framework is set to start appearing in defense contract proposals early next year. When it does, your organization will need to have it’s ability to safeguard unclassified government data certified by an independent organization. Cybersecurity doesn’t happen by chance, and earning your certification will require more than just the attention of your IT department.

Lean Startup for Solid Growth

Learn how to design a successful expansion or know it won't work. Learn the concept of designing growth based on demand. Learn how to add new products or services and match them with new target markets. Learn all of this based on the lean startup method that validates a business idea with facts vs. the obsolete, traditional business plan that made assumptions based on guesses.

Effective Communication

Learn to increase interactions with people in order to create a "win-win" environment.