Wen Wilson

Sarasota, Florida

Healthcite Pharmacy
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Wen Wilson, founder of Healthcite Pharmacy, launched his business in 2017 after exploring two prior options.

"Throughout my 10 years working for a corporate pharmacy I missed some business opportunities," he said. "In the days before iPhones and Amazon, I looked at importing an outstanding olive oil hand cream and couldn’t figure out how to distribute it. I also looked at acquiring the exclusive license to import bio-oil which is best treatment for stretch marks. While I was taking my time contemplating it, Walgreens acquired it."

However, by observing the changing marketplace, Wilson crafted the business model for what is now Healthcite Pharmacy.

"We bring the pharmacy to you," he explained. "We deliver both prescription and nonprescription items to your door on demand whether you're at home or your workplace and the delivery is free. I had my eureka moment after watching the on-demand and telemedicine industry grow. My idea was an almost virtual pharmacy using technology to communicate with patients. I combined telemedicine with the on-demand industry as an inexpensive way to grow and expand a pharmacy to serve patients without having to be on every street corner because that's very costly for rent or property. Our model was to create a remote pharmacy to service large areas without the added cost of brick and mortar locations."

Wilson's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to prepare well and be flexible. "Number one is do your homework and research so you have an idea of what you're getting into," he said. "Talk to people in that industry or other entrepreneurs or businesses leaders. Don’t be afraid to pitch your idea. No one is going to steal it because it comes down to execution and knowing your customer. Be open-minded to changing your business model."


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