Wendy Taylor

Sorrento, Florida

Strategic Online Marketing
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Wendy Taylor, founder of Strategic Online Marketing, launched her business after seeing firsthand the demand for digital marketing assistance when her business contacts kept asking her if she would help them. "Starting in 1997, I worked in corporate America when doing business online was in its infancy" she said. "I launched Southwest Airlines Vacations' internet presence and did the same for other large companies like COX Radio. I was always creating new things. I've always had that drive in me to see something and make revenue out of it. In my days of working in radio many of our clients that we sold advertising to asked me to help them with their online marketing and help them create revenue opportunities. That's when I decided I could be a consultant. It spawned from my clients asking me for help."

Taylor launched Strategic Online Marketing in 2010 and built it into a firm that helps businesses solve their online marketing problems as it relates to search engine optimization, social media, email marketing and search engine marketing. "We don’t create cookie cutter solutions," she said. "Our approach is that each solution is unique for every client and it caters to their target."

Taylor's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to make as many connections as you can. "Network, network, network," she said. "Get involved in as many organizations as possible because it's going to be your network that gives you referrals. If entrepreneurs can get involved in philanthropic organizations, that helps too. Take your advertising budget and join some organizations and network. Go to as many events as possible. If you can't go, send someone else within your organization."


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