Two Things All Florida Entrepreneurs
Have In Common

The Florida High Tech Corridor Council’s Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center at has positioned itself as the preeminent business resource and entrepreneur directory in the state of Florida. In addition to an up-to-date master calendar of business and entrepreneurship related events and a sortable database of over 900 business resource agencies, we've interviewed and captured the journeys of more than 700 entrepreneurs from 36 counties throughout the state. The businesses we feature range in size from 1 to over 5,000 employees with industries covering the entire spectrum from manufacturing, aerospace, engineering, high tech and construction to hospitality, travel, retail and professional services.

Our interviews are designed to capture the story behind the journey. We want to know why the entrepreneur decided to start his or her business, what challenges they faced along the way, how they grew their business, future goals and what advice they have for other aspiring entrepreneurs. As you might expect, we’ve gathered a tremendous amount of data and valuable information available for those “in the trenches” or for those with aspirations of starting their own business. This month’s white paper focuses on the power and implications of two very important decisions.

The Power of Two Decisions

Even though the entrepreneurs we interview and feature are as diverse and unique as each of the 67 counties that make up Florida, they all have two things in common. First of all, they all made a decision to pursue an idea or a dream. Many of us will come up with great ideas, but only the entrepreneur will take action. This crucial step doesn’t require exceptional intelligence or easily accessible capital. It’s simply a decision to act. If you believe in your idea, you’re passionate, you’re committed and you’re willing to put one foot in front of the other and trust the process, the stars will align.

The second commonality we see among the entrepreneurs we interview is also a decision. This decision comes at a time when plans have a tendency to unravel and nerves are tested. ALL entrepreneurs will eventually reach the proverbial fork in the road. In the face of seemingly insurmountable odds and challenges that will test your will to press on, the entrepreneur will make a second decision to not give up. Few make the decision to take action on an idea, but even fewer make the decision to move forward despite what may appear to be a dead end. Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. Whether you define success as happiness, money, accomplishments, recognition, the ability to create jobs in your community or revolutionizing your industry, you’ll never reach your destination if you give up at this critical juncture.

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