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St. Petersburg, Florida

Private Label Sk.in
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William Oliver, co-founder of Private Label Sk.in, which was named one of GrowFL's Companies To Watch for 2016, decided to launch his skin care manufacturing company after learning that many skin care sellers were not focused on quality. "I went to a skin care trade show as an affiliate marketer," he said. "When I asked skin care sellers what ingredients constituted their product, they said they didn't know. That was my 'ah ha' moment when I saw the emperor truly had no clothes - that online retailers didn't know what they were selling."

Oliver launched Private Label Sk.in in 2012 and has since turned that insight into a growing company with more than 100 employees. "Our differentiator is that we understand our clients' sales funnel and provide services that address the unique needs of online retailers," he said. "Because we understand our customers and their unique challenges, we've been able to predict what they need and offer them services that have not been established historically. For example, we help them understand how to buy and control inventory."

Oliver is proud of the validation that GrowFL's Company To Watch honor brings. "It means we're doing something right," he said. "It is a representation that our business is headed in the right direction and that we've maintained focus on our mission, which is provide great service to empower entrepreneurs to grow. It means we are fulfilling our mission."

Oliver's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to overcome any fear of failure that might be holding them back. "Don't give in to the fear," he said. "Sometimes inexperience can be an asset. Get out there and make it happen. Then once you've launched, build metrics and understand them as quickly as possible. Create a process of optimizing those metrics."


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