Yamilette Williams

Deltona, Florida

Synergy Solutions Partners LLC
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After a 20 year career in various leadership roles in the K-12 space, Yamilette Williams, Ed.D., known to many as Dr. Yam, Owner and Founder of Synergy Solutions Partners, found herself in an unfamiliar situation. Following a contractual disagreement with a former employer, Dr. Yam was left searching for answers and, more importantly, a new path forward. While efforts to return back to the corporate world were slow and challenging, she took a leap of faith and launched her own business.

"Starting my own business was definitely an unplanned endeavor," she said. "However, I had to put bread on the table and I had to move forward. I took my 'entrepreneurial burn' and, utilizing my best practices from my time as a District Administrator and a Training Analyst for several different school districts, I launched Synergy Solutions Partners in 2014."

Under the umbrellas of Leadership Development, School Improvement, and Youth Development, Synergy Solutions Partners provides a wide array of services for a diverse cross-section of individuals. From coaching and training to keynote speeches, blended learning solutions and leadership development programs for youths, Williams is intent on growing her business by helping her clients maximize their impact on society.

"Starting with just one customer in 2014 to today where I manage multiple ongoing projects, I've grown the business over the years through references and the great relationships I developed in the education space," she said. "I've had projects with state departments of education, individual entrepreneurs, business owners, school districts and corporate America."

Since launching her business, Dr. Yam has become an internationally certified John Maxwell Team Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker as well as a Maxwell DISC Method Personality Consultant. With these distinctions and an impressive skill set, Dr. Yam has helped countless numbers of individuals, students, and small business owners succeed by improving their communication, productivity and leadership abilities. With the right attitude and the experience to back it up, Williams has seen strong growth over the past couple of years.

"My growth comes down to delivering on the services I was contracted to do," she said. "In addition to delivering exceptional results, feedback from satisfied customers has allowed me to continue to build strong relationships and generate even more referrals. It's important to get out of the office to network and to make connections. Along the way, I've taken risks and tried new things, but I always remain very focused on my personal mission statement; to inspire, educate and lead growth in others. That helps to keep me grounded."

Dr. Williams, who thoroughly enjoys meeting new people and helping them reach their potential, is focused on the right mix of growth and sustainability. This is done by securing routine cycles of support and services. She also stays busy with Toastmasters, as a way to fine-tune her communication and speaking skills. As The Keep It Simple Coach, she is the host of two new Facebook groups dedicated to supporting women who aspire to start their small business idea and those new to the world of entrepreneurship. In the coming months, Williams has plans to present at the Marion County Early Childhood Annual Conference and at a virtual assistant conference in March.

What advice does Dr. Yam have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "I say jump," she said. "Whether it's fear, a money block or whatever, starting a business doesn't have to be difficult. However, it's important to start it the right way to see if your idea is viable. A coach or community of like-minded people is a good place to start. Also, remember that failure is part of the process. Most people don't understand that. They see the top of an iceberg, which symbolizes a successful business, but don't realize that the biggest part of an iceberg is below the water. That part represents the heavy lifting, the failures and the work that took place to make that business successful."


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