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For Yulin and Jade Mazarin, mother and daughter and owners of YulinJade, starting a business together was the perfect opportunity to combine their passions, skill sets and experience to bring to life a dream two decades in the making. Yulin and Jade both shared the story behind their journey and explained why their brand of organic skincare is like nothing else currently available on the market.

“I was born and raised in Vero Beach,” Jade said. “Including undergrad, graduate school and the first three years of my professional life, I lived in Atlanta for 10 years before moving back to Vero in 2009 to be closer to family. For the past eleven years, I’ve worked in private practice as a Christian Mental Health Counselor. In 2014, I added a certification in natural health consulting and started to incorporate physical health into my practice.”

Jade continued, “When I got into natural health, I was also in search of answers to my own health issues. I had chronic fatigue and couldn’t figure out why. After doing research, I discovered and fell in love with the natural health field.”

Yulin, who’s originally from Taiwan, described her journey and how her background is well-suited for her newest role as co-owner of YulinJade.

“Before moving to the U.S. at the age of 17, I was a professional singer in Taiwan,” Yulin said. “I once sang for the Emperor of Japan and the President of China. Anyway, my mom didn’t like it, so I was married away and moved to New York City. I eventually learned how to speak English, escaped from my husband, went to school and started my career with Revlon in a Bloomingdales in Stamford, CT. After Revlon, I worked as a freelance makeup artist for high-end cosmetic companies like Chanel, Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Sacks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.”

Yulin continued, “Around 1990, my ex-husband – Jade’s father – and I moved to Vero Beach following his retirement. Several years later, I opened a day spa and ran that for 14 years. We were recognized as the number one spa in Vero Beach for several years. During this time, I also produced a skin care product with Chinese herbs that we sold on QVC. It was very well received – unfortunately our primary investor passed away soon after and that business was discontinued. Seven years ago I sold the spa and spent the last part of my career working as an esthetician for a plastic surgeon before retiring in July. Now my dream is to focus on building this business with my daughter.”

YulinJade is a luxury USDA Organic skincare line with bioactive botanicals and super foods. According to Jade, YulinJade is also next-level luxury skincare that checks off all the boxes.

“It is the only high-end skincare line that offers extreme purity – zero toxic chemicals, four USDA Certified Organic products, and three products with 80% certified organic ingredients (higher than any other luxury brand),” she said. “It also uses the most unique and bioactive super fruits and botanicals, commonly used as powerful health supplements, and just breaking through in the skincare world – with tremendous results. This line combines the utmost purity with true clinical efficacy. Yet it is safe for even the most sensitive skin. Lastly, the line is eco-friendly. It offers recyclable glass bottles and boxes, as well as a variety of sustainable practices. It is cruelty free, and plans to donate a percentage of income to various charities.”

Jade added, “It’s always been my mom’s dream to have another skin care line and to use the knowledge she gained over the years to bring women the most effective line possible. After discovering supplements and a more pure lifestyle, we both had the idea to bring back her dream by partnering together to make a pure, USDA certified organic and clinically effective line.”

Launched in March 2020, YulinJade has faced some early challenges, in particular trying to sell to spas and boutique hotels that have been affected by COVID-19. Nevertheless, Jade and Yulin are moving forward and continue to gain interest from locations across the country.

“We just heard back from the W Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale that they want to carry our products,” Jade said. “We’re just waiting on vendor approval from Marriott. We’re currently selling our line at a skincare center in Santa Barbara and are looking at more options in that space.”

Both founders shared with us what they enjoy most about YulinJade and what their plans are for the future.

“I enjoy getting to offer women a healthy alternative to chemical based skincare, that is still incredibly effective,” Yulin said. “I also enjoy teaching other estheticians how to do an organic facial using YJ products.”

Jaded added, “I enjoy getting to help women with their physical health and replace products that could cause or exacerbate illness in their future. Since the skin absorbs 60% of what's placed on it, having the absolute purest products is so crucial. But our products are not only safe for the body, they are also potentially beneficial. Ten of our ingredients even have clinical studies that they fight cancer.”

“Looking ahead, our goal is for our products to be sold in luxury health spas and hotels throughout the country and possibly outside the U.S. We also want our products available in boutiques, clinical skincare centers, and online through our website.”

What advice do Yulin and Jade have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “Make sure you're passionate about the business you choose,” Yulin said. “If you are both passionate and determined, you can achieve it.”

Jade added, “Take business development one step at a time,” she said. “Don't be in a rush making the product as good as it can be. But also don't be too perfectionistic, if it means you keep making changes and never move forward. Keep the reasons you want to do this ever before your mind and keep believing in yourself. There will be ups and downs, but the most successful people keep going no matter what.”


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