Welcome to the flvec.com website a program by GrowFL especially designed for Florida entrepreneurs in mind. While GrowFL is the only state agency solely focused on the continued growth and success of Florida’s second-stage CEOs, we recognize and celebrate the important role that entrepreneurs play in the state economy. Entrepreneurs by their very nature bring energy, creativity, and innovation; they create jobs and make a difference in their communities. They create a positive impact to the state’s economy.

flvec.com is Florida’s state-wide business resources directory of up-and-coming entrepreneurs as endorsed by their city, county, or regional economic development agency. By providing this online directory replete with exciting entrepreneur profiles we fulfill our mission of making life easier for our new entrepreneurs, local businesses, and small companies by providing a one-stop directory. It is our hope that they will then get connected and use the resources and information within to aid and accelerate their growth leading to successful entrepreneurship.

Connectedness fosters collaboration. Collaboration brings innovation. Innovation leads to growth. And GrowFL is all about business growth and success. Thank you for visiting the flvec website where Florida’s entrepreneurs are featured and recognized for their greater potential to the state’s overall economic prosperity.