Our Team

Michael Zaharios III
Program Director

Michael is a third-generation entrepreneur and native Floridian having grown up in Daytona Beach. He is passionate about his work, community and family. Acting on his passions, he gives back through volunteering as an organizer for 1 Million Cups, Startup Weekend, Elevate and as a board member of the Leadership Daytona Alumni Council. As the Program Director for FLVEC, Michael works tirelessly to promote and connect Florida's entrepreneurship ecosystem. He believes everyone is an entrepreneur and that the only way to do great work is to love what you do.
Chris Steffen
Program Manager

Chris is a firm believer in the power that an entrepreneurial rich ecosystem has to transform a community and provide real and substantial economic development. He supports and gives back to the community through his involvement with initiatives such as 1 Million Cups Daytona Beach, the Volusia Proud Mentor Program and Kickstart Weekend. He believes true growth and development occur when you take risks and step out of your comfort zone. As the Program Manager for FLVEC, Chris promotes Florida entrepreneurs and fosters connectivity within innovation ecosystems statewide.


Entrepreneur Feedback

Wendy Taylor
Wendy Taylor
Strategic Online Marketing

The FLVEC is of value for entrepreneurs as it heightens the awareness of its member services in the Lake County area. Networking with other entrepreneurs has opened doors for future referral opportunities.
Alexandria Agresta & Thomas Waterman
Alexandria Agresta & Thomas Waterman
Purpose Pioneers

I enjoyed the interview experience with Chris and how engaged he was listening to my story. The FLVEC is a great resource in itself to connect with other entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries. Great collaboration tool!
Erin Nicole Johnson
Erin Nicole Johnson
Concierge Media Solutions

I reached out to Erika Greene to thank her and Lake County for supporting FLVEC. We ended up getting together for coffee. I learned about more resources and support for business owners in Lake County. We also talked about teaming up to do some training for local schools.
Deomattie Tannassee
Deomattie Tannassee

The most direct way I can show the power of my FLVEC profile is ask you to Google search my name "Reshma Tannassee" and see where I show-up in the list. I'll tell you...out of hundreds of results, my FLVEC profile is always on the first page and usually in the top 3. And, companies like Sysco Foods and Cheney Brothers, Inc. have contacted me and want to do business with my food manufacturing company because they first read about me through my FLVEC profile. Thanks to these new relationships, my company is now seeking to buy and/or build our own manufacturing facility in Collier County and we have created 12 jobs. I couldn't be more thankful for the FLVEC team and for Collier County for supporting this program for all entrepreneurs in our community.
Hillary Dube & Ross Rivkin
Hillary Dube & Ross Rivkin
HNR Gunworks

After our article on FLVEC.com we saw an increase in business from new customers and previous customers! I sent out a link to the article to everyone in our e-mail blast list and the response was great. I believe that this website and write up helps small businesses like ourselves as it brings our brand and image to life. It is just myself and my husband running our gun shop and as young business professionals I believe reminding clients of our local small business roots is important. Keep up the good work and thank you!
Isabella Johnston
Isabella Johnston
Pivot Business Consulting
Winter Park

I published a blog article which gave me another platform to reach out to potential clients. This brings another layer of promotion and a way to leverage FLVEC to share Pivot Business Consulting and Intern Pursuit Program services. I appreciate the opportunity to network with other professionals through this platform and look forward to building new partner relationships.

Sponsor Feedback

Indian River County Chamber of Commerce
In Indian River County, well over 90 percent of our businesses are considered small — they are the backbone of our local economy. We encourage our small-business owners and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the wealth of resources and support available to them. The Chamber’s Economic Development office partners with FLVEC to help make that connection. I’m excited that several of our local entrepreneurs are already featured on the site! We want to ensure that all entrepreneurs and start-up businesses know that Indian River County is a great place grow their business — and we can help them do it.
Lake County Economic Development
The entrepreneur center is an excellent resource not only for entrepreneurs, but any company that provides business services. Updated constantly, I encourage all Lake County business owners to acclimate themselves with this new tool.
City of Deltona Economic Development
Anyone who plays in the Economic Development sandbox should know about and utilize Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center (FLVEC). The City of Deltona has a robust Business Retention & Expansion program. One of the major cornerstones for Deltona’s entrepreneurs and small business owners is FLVEC, be they long term in business or just starting-out.
City of Lake Mary Economic Development
We recognized the need to provide a resource kit to help our City’s budding entrepreneurs. We are very pleased that the FLVEC provides just that, and more. Besides being a repository of available resources, the FLVEC enables us to showcase our small business entrepreneurs. We think the entrepreneur profiles FLVEC prepares and showcases are a great way to show our appreciation for home-grown businesses. These profiles also provide encouragement for aspiring business owners in the City. Thank you FLVEC!
Flagler County Department of Economic Opportunity
Florida makes it easier than most states to do business and we do our part in Flagler County to help small-business owners take advantage of the wealth of resources and support available to start or grow a business. The Flagler County Department of Economic Opportunity partners with FLVEC to help make that connection. We want to ensure entrepreneurs know Flagler County is a great place to take the next step in business and we will help them do it.