The Top Florida Entrepreneurs

The Top 8 Florida Entrepreneurs in 2024 – Who Redefined Success This Year?

Today, we’re discussing the world of Florida’s top entrepreneurs in 2024. These trailblazers aren’t just making waves, but creating tsunamis in their respective industries.

From clean beauty to autism care, and from gourmet flavoring to kidney health management, Florida’s got a lineup of innovators who are turning dreams into realities and reshaping their fields.

Let’s get started, shall we?

8. Nancy Twine

Founder and CEO of Briogeo Hair Care in Miami Beach

Nancy Twine - Founder and CEO of Briogeo Hair Care

Meet Nancy Twine, the powerhouse behind Briogeo Hair Care. She’s shaking up the clean beauty world with a lineup of natural, effective hair care solutions that work for every type and texture. Briogeo isn’t just a US phenomenon; it’s taking the global market by storm.

You can find their products in Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Brazil, and Mexico, stocked in top spots like Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, Selfridges, and MECCA Beauty. Nancy’s brand is all about sustainability. They use eco-friendly packaging and ethically sourced ingredients, making you feel good about what’s in your bottle.

With award-winning hits like Scalp Revival and Don’t Despair, Repair!, Briogeo tackles all sorts of hair issues, leaving your locks healthy and strong. Plus, as a Clean + Planet Positive and Conscious Beauty brand, Briogeo is on a mission to do right by your hair and the planet.

7. Christopher Barnett

CEO of ABA Centers in Fort Lauderdale

Christopher Barnett - ABA Center of America Autism Lab

Christopher Barnett is the mastermind behind ABA Centers in Fort Lauderdale. As the CEO, he’s leading a revolution in autism care. Christopher’s company is shaking up the industry by cutting down those frustrating wait times for diagnosis and treatment. How? By using tech in smart ways.

ABA Centers focuses on a play-based approach with positive reinforcement to provide ABA therapy to kids with autism. With locations across Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, Christopher’s vision is making a real difference for families.

6. Ron Roma

Founder and Executive Chairman of Healthesystems in Tampa

Founder and Executive Chairman of Healthesystems

Ron Roma, the mastermind behind Healthesystems, has been at it for over four decades. He’s the brains behind the company, serving as Founder and Executive Chairman. Healthesystems offers cutting-edge solutions for managing medical costs in the workers’ compensation world.

They’ve got a top-notch Pharmacy Benefit Management Program, Clinical Review Services, and a game-changing Ancillary Benefits Management program. Ron kicked off his career back in 1981 as a VP of sales at PMSI.

From there, he climbed the ranks to become the founder and chairman at Prospective Health/PHI before diving into Healthesystems. He’s got a PharmD from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, proving he’s got both the brains and the experience to back up his impressive career.

5. Bill Lombardo

CEO of Monin, Inc. in Clearwater

Bill Lombardo Monin Inc

Meet Bill Lombardo, the driving force behind Monin, Inc., where gourmet flavoring isn’t just a business, it’s an art. Bill heads up a company known for delivering top-notch syrups, purées, sauces, smoothie mixes, and beverage concentrates.

Monin offers over 200 premium flavors, each crafted with the finest ingredients. Bill’s leadership has positioned Monin as a go-to brand in the food and beverage industry. Their products are everywhere, from national chains to independent restaurants, quick-serve spots, convenience stores, and hotels.

Monin’s reach includes two manufacturing plants in the US, six warehouses, and three innovation centers, making their presence felt across North and South America, and the Caribbean. Based in Clearwater, Florida, Monin Americas employs over 350 people across various roles, including sales, customer service, manufacturing R&D, and marketing.

Globally, Monin operates in more than 165 countries with additional manufacturing sites and a team of over 1,000 dedicated professionals. At the heart of Monin’s success lies a commitment to quality, innovation, exceptional customer service, and a strong focus on its employees. Under Bill Lombardo’s leadership, Monin continues to set the standard in the gourmet flavoring industry.

4. Joseph Vattamattam

Co-Founder, CEO, and Co-Chairman of Healthmap Solutions in Tampa

Joe Vattamattam Co-Founder and President of Healthmap Solutions

Joseph Vattamattam has taken Healthmap Solutions from its early days to becoming a national leader in kidney health management. As the Co-Founder, CEO, and Co-Chairman, he’s been the driving force behind the company’s success.

Healthmap Solutions, an NCQA-accredited company, focuses on kidney population health management, offering value-based solutions to improve the lives of Americans with chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease.

Joseph’s background is packed with experience in developing, underwriting, pricing, and managing healthcare programs. Before Healthmap, he was the VP of Medical Economics at CareCentrix and Director of Health Services at WellCare Health Plans, where he pushed for organic growth, product development, acquisitions, and business process improvements.

Before WellCare, Joseph worked as an investment banker at Wells Fargo, offering capital market and mergers and acquisitions advisory services to IT Services organizations. He holds a mathematics degree from the University of Florida and an MBA from Georgetown University.

3. Eric Reimer

Co-Chairman of the Board and CEO of Healthmap Solutions in Tampa

Eric Reimer Co-Chairman of the Board and CEO of Healthmap Solutions

Eric Reimer heads Healthmap Solutions, a kidney health management company that’s earned NCQA accreditation. Healthmap Solutions focuses on early identification and intervention for those with kidney disease, aiming to improve lives and slow disease progression.

With cutting-edge technology, predictive analytics, and clinical expertise, they offer a comprehensive approach to kidney care. Eric’s team collaborates with a range of healthcare providers—primary care doctors, nephrologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, and dialysis providers—to offer personalized care.

They emphasize proactive care planning, especially for renal replacement therapy, advocating for in-home dialysis and transplant options. Eric’s leadership ensures Healthmap delivers better outcomes and experiences for patients while reducing overall healthcare costs for health plans and provider groups.

2. Wuhong Li

Co-Founder of Aspen RxHealth in Tampa

Wuhong Li Co-Founder of Aspen RxHealth

Wuhong Li, Co-Founder of Aspen RxHealth, has been in the game for 28 years. He helped start Aspen RxHealth, a company using mobile tech to connect pharmacists and patients, making sure everyone gets the best out of their meds. Aspen RxHealth’s over 7,000 pharmacists are all about improving health outcomes and medication adherence.

Li kicked off his career in 1996 as VP of technology at Elsevier. He then moved to Avatar Solutions and later co-founded and served as CTO at VUCA Health before diving into Aspen RxHealth. His educational background includes an M.S. in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Florida, an M.S. in physics from the University of Southern Mississippi, and a physics degree from Sun Yat-sen University.

1. Mark Radi

Founder and President of Marksman Security Corporation

Mark Radi Founder and President of Marksman Security Corporation

Mark Radi, the brain behind Marksman Security Corporation, has always been a go-getter. Back in 2003, he saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it by launching his own security company to cater to businesses and communities in South Florida.

From commercial development to aviation, Marksman Security covers it all. Radi isn’t just any entrepreneur; he’s a former law enforcement officer with over 20 years of experience in private security. His career has been shaped by three core values: integrity, consistency, and building strong relationships with clients and employees.

With a B.S. in Criminology from Lynn University under his belt, Radi has steered Marksman Security to success by sticking to these principles.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, the heavy hitters of Florida’s entrepreneurial scene in 2024. From revolutionizing beauty routines to transforming healthcare and beyond, these innovators are breaking barriers and setting new standards.

Their dedication, creativity, and grit are not just changing industries but also inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Cheers to the visionaries who are making Florida a hub of innovation and excellence.